How to Know When She Wants Your Help but Doesn’t Ask for It

This can be one of the more infuriating aspects of any relationship. Everyone has grown up with different levels of subtlety built into their daily interactions and if you happened to be born into a blunt family, well, sometimes figuring out what she wants can seem like a losing battle. This goes beyond simply learning how to meet women and tell if they are interested in you. It is learning to pick up on the hints she drops and reacting appropriately to keep her satisfied. More than merely an exercise in care and understanding, this tends to be nothing more than a clash of communication styles and one that frequently leads to aggravation for both parties. We get frustrated because she won’t say what she wants and she gets angry because we don’t seem to pay her enough attention. It’s a bad spiral, but one that can be avoided with a little extra care.

When in Doubt, Ask

Particularly in the beginning of any relationship, ask a lot of questions. If you aren’t sure what she means by something, ask. If you do not get a reference, ask. If something she says just doesn’t add up, ask her to explain it. When you are just starting off, making the effort to ask can save you a lot of trouble down the line. It can clue you in to traits, preferences and ways of communicating that she is used to, which you may not have encountered before. When all else fails, playing dumb can be your ticket to resolving any argument. The key to making this tactic work for you is that you need to express your understanding of the situation instead of accusing her of things like not making sense or being hysterical. This is a common mistake we make when we have no idea what is going on and get too frustrated to care. We lash out and push the blame for the entire situation on her. Even if you honestly think an argument or misunderstanding is entirely her fault, it is never a good idea to say as much.

Instead, explain to her why you don’t understand what is going on. No doubt the first time you tried to find out how to meet women online, things were confusing too, but chances are you didn’t have someone on hand to walk you through the process or vent your frustrations. Instead, it was a search engine and starting with the few terms you did know to find some answers for the rest. The same applies here. Start with something you are pretty sure of and show her how you think it applies to whatever she is upset about, then ask for clarification. If you actually make an effort to explain your confusion, you may be surprised by the level of a positive response you get in return. Proving your willingness to address a situation and learn from it is the difference between ending up on a good site or settling for So when in doubt, just ask. You should check our site test and read BeNaughty Review: A Detailed Site Comparison You Can Trust. You should consider only the best rated sites for your dating adventures.

Pay Attention to What Her Complaint Actually is

When it comes to voicing out discontent, we tend to be straighter forward than most women are taught to be. It is more a matter of upbringing than anything else but it is still the facts of the matter. So when she needs help with something, there is a pretty good chance she won’t come out and say it. Instead, what you will hear is something along the lines of lamenting the time she has to get something done, or how difficult it is going to be to pull it off on her own. These are clear indicators that she is fishing for help. Regardless of whether she does not want to ask out of politeness or just not being comfortable enough to come right out with it, the fact the she is mentioning restrictions that can be eased with an extra person means this is something she is open to being helped with.

Now be sure you really understand the difference between just ranting about something she has to do and actually wanting some help. This is a common place we all trip up a bit since they can sound remarkably similar. The key is all in the phrasing. If she just need to vent, you can expect to hear all about the issue itself and the ridiculous nature of it, but not, necessarily, the time frame or the fact that doing it on her own is what makes it that difficult. If, not he other hand, the primary point of contention remains focused on the time span being to short for her to manage on her own, or the task itself generally needing at least one extra person to help with, you can reliably bet she wants you to offer your help.

Make sure, however, you understand that just because she wants you to make the offer does not mean she will necessarily accept it. We know, we know, that sounds completely ridiculous, but it is the truth of the matter. No matter how illogical, its best to just learn to accept some of these things as a combination of how they were raised and their sense of pride. You may never make any more sense of it than learning how to meet women in the first place, and that’s fine. The important thing here is not making sense of her or understanding why she won’t ask for or accept help even after it is offered. The important thing is to know when she wants you to make the offer and to do so regardless of how likely she is to turn you down. Maybe a few years down the road, if you end up together, it might be a worthwhile thing to address, but right now the important thing is just understanding how things are instead of why.

Consider the Context

Yes, you have to take into consideration more than just what she is saying. We know this is starting to sound a lot more involved than it needs to be, but understanding things now means less frustration in the future, so instead of debating it or trying to make sense of it, just accept it first, for your own sake if nothing else. Okay, now, when she voices a complaint or frustration to you, understand that part of the reason she is going to do this is because she trusts you on some level. It might be just that she trusts you to be a decent sounding board or that she trusts you not to judge her on situations and frustrations she is generally insecure about. Whatever the case, she is telling you about this because she needs to share it with someone who is going to care at least about her if not the situation it self. So once you get the past why she is telling you specifically, consider whether it is something she can do or manage on her own. Especially in cases of money, mentioning an impossible task at all is all the context you should need to know she wants your help.

Spotting Shady Websites and the Risks of Using Them

Online dating seems hard enough when you are using the best dating sites available to you, but it gets even more difficult and frustrating if you add mediocre or downright bad sites to the fray. It’s often not easy to tell what makes a good website and what makes a bad website to begin with, so you might not be sure what the difference is. You might not even think that it’s a big deal if you use a popular site or a poor quality site. However, using a poor quality website can seriously affect your chances at hooking up. Not all sites are going to be as good as each other, and some are just going to wind up being downright terrible. You want to make your search for a woman to hook up with as easy as possible, which a scam site will certainly hinder.

Some websites aren’t going to be offensively bad on first glance. Shady websites might seem perfectly normal at first, but it’s after using it for a while that you will notice what makes it a bad choice. Knowing how to spot the scam sites that will keep you from getting laid will allow you to make smarter choicesabout what site you use. Poor quality sites and scam sites will all decrease your chances of going home with a woman at the end of the process and hooking up like you want to, so they should always be avoided if possible. Once you know everything there is to now about scam sites, you’ll be able to avoid them with ease and avoid wasting any of your time.

What Makes a Dating Site Bad

You probably think that all dating sites are pretty much the same and that you can’t go wrong with picking any single site. However, some sites are just objectively bad and they won’t assist you in your search for women to hook up with at all. Use the wrong site and you would probably have better chances of going door-to-door in Birmingham trying to meet random women that want to hook up – that is, it can seriously hinder your search if you use a bad site. There are plenty of factors that lead to a poor quality dating site.

To start with, a dating site might be bad quality if it has a poor qualityuser base. It’s important to know what kind of people use the dating website you’re looking at. If you decide to use a specialty website, you should make sure that you’re actually interested in the group that the site caters to. Either way, it’s important to know if the website you want to use actually has a good user base. Poorly maintained dating sites aren’t going to have a good ratio of male to female users, so you probably won’t get that many messages from interested women. Beyond being poorly designed or maintained, certain sites can just be downright scams. These sites will promise that you can meet plenty of women, only for all of the women to wind up being fake. There are plenty of reasons why this might happen, but it usually has to do with advertising and ad revenue. Stay away from websites that claim you can have sexwith a woman right away, since this is usually just a scam site in disguise.

How to Spot a Shady Website

It can be difficult to know which sites are going to be scams that keep you from getting laid. A bad site won’t exactly advertise the fact that it’s bad. The site may even look somewhat professional and pleasing to the eye, but in the end it’s not going to do you any good. Make sure to look up reviews of any dating website you think you might want to use before you sign up and start trying to meet women. If the site is a scam, it should usually be fairly easy to find out straight away. If you can’t find any solid reviews on the website, you should try to take a look at how it’s set up. If it follows the general principles that most dating sites do in terms of messaging options, then you should probably have some kind of luck using the site. If it just seems like a bunch of ads, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Why You Should Avoid Shady Sites

You might think that using a bad site can’t make that big of a difference. After all, you have a chance of meeting women no matter what, so it doesn’t seem like it would make that much of a difference. However, you would be wrong. Using the wrong site can be a major issue. Even if it’s a site that caters to a specific area, like Birmingham, it’s not worth it if the site is poorly constructed or a downright scam. You might wind up giving out personal information to someone who really has no business of having it. While things aren’t usually going to be this serious when it comes to a scam site, the fact is that scam sites are scams for a reason. You might wind up giving away your personal information or, even worse, your credit card informationif the site convinces you that you need to subscribe to access all the features.

Either way, it’s a good idea to avoid shady dating sites just because it will make your life a lot easier to do so. You don’t want to waste your time using sites that aren’t going to get you anywhere with women, since it can often be difficult enough to meet women online. Just use your gut and you should be fine when it comes to choosing the right site for you.

Alternatives to Bad Websites

Now that you know how to spot a bad dating site and why you shouldn’t use them, you want to know what the alternative is. Avoiding scam sites that claim you can get laid easily will make your life a lot simpler, but sometimes it’s not that easy. If you’re determined to use a specialty site, you might think you have nowhere to turn. However, online dating has become so popularin recent years that you should be able to find pretty much anything you’re looking for twice or thrice over. Search for the best specialty sites, because it will be worth it.Don’t forget to check out getting laid site reviews here: If you want to date genuine British girls, then you have to choose a legit site.

Other than that, it’s often best to use mainstream dating sites. It might take a little while longer to find a woman who fits perfectly into the niche that you’re looking for, but you will spend that time meeting and chatting with plenty of other women. It’s better to take a little extra time to find the right woman than to spend hours of frustration meeting no women at all. You should also remember that pretty much any site that promises to get you laid that same evening is most likely going to be a scam. Your best bet is to use a regular dating site and just message women asking if they want to hook up. You may think that this never works, but the truth is that it will work more often than trying to use a scam website.

Get Moving With The Top 3 Fitness Apps For iPhone

Your iPhone can be your fitness tool – only if you use the right apps! This article reveals the best fitness apps that will help you stay fit and fab! These 3 fitness apps will get you moving and motivated to lose weight and be healthy!

GymGoal ABC

Have you ever hit the gym and it seems that you can’t find any gym instructor to assist you? When exercising, it’s important to have the right form or else you’ll end up hurting yourself. GymGoal ABC can help with your gym workouts!
With GymGoal ABC, you get to see over 280 animated exercises. These exercises are geared towards bodybuilding and it’s a perfect fitness assistant for newbies to gym workouts. With this app, you get to view step-by-step instructions and animated video demonstrations of different exercises and workout routines. It also includes performance tips and visual body maps to let you seek specific exercises by muscle group. The app also calculates your body mass index, body fat and basal metabolic rate. All of this information gets saved into a chart.
It’s loaded with fitness information that you can use as a convenient and independent way to know more about exercises and try a few workout routines!

RunKeeper Pro

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape. The mp3 used to be the runner’s best companion and now, having the right app in your iPhone can help set the running mood right!

RunKeeper Pro is the best iPhone app that is great for running. It can track your physical activities including running, walking and biking. Your iPhone’s GPS can monitor your location, speed, distance, time and more. Once you are done with running, all you have to do is upload your information to the RunKeeper web site. With this app, you can check your routes and statistics. Other cool features are playlist and audio cues. You also get to geo-tagged your photos.
RunKeeper Pro is a must-have app for runners who want to keep track of their progress. It’s a cool tracking system that is loved not just by runners, but also by cyclist, hikers and skiers!

Pocket Yoga

Yoga has inspired many people to exercise their bodies and spirit and your iPhone can help you practice Yoga. There are many yoga apps for iPhone and Pocket Yoga is a recommended app!
Pocket Yoga makes you choose among different types of yoga classes. There are different difficulty levels that you can practice for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It also provides soothing music while you practice the different illustrated poses. In case you forgot what pose you tried last time, you can always return to your practice history.
Pocket Yoga is great for home workouts. Both beginners and advanced yogis will find this app a must-have on their iPhone!
Get this apps and make your iPhone a handy fitness buddy!

Sex: Choosing To Do It or Not On the First Date

There simply are rules for everything as well as first date decorum exists. To some, a chaperone is advised while to some, it is fine doing whatever feels good. I think it works well either way depending on the type of personality one has. Moreover, the rules are there so you can break them. There are decent reasons for resistance to sex just as there are reasons to go for it right away. This will enumerate various reasons to throw in the towel and start the screaming. Check out the following pointers on making your first date better:

There may be no other chance for the horizontal mambo.

For younger ladies such as college lads, It comes a usual occurrence to get so hot over a guy in the university who she sees every often and to whom she is very much attracted. The pressure is such that a wildfire seems to burn in her loins for this guy. To experience some kind of physical closeness turns out to be more of a need than mere desire. When the opportunities present itself like a school party or elsewhere, go ahead and seize the moment. The brazen behavior may deny you of more opportunities with him in the future but there is no guarantee anyway.

A good way to discard the sexists.
Giving up the cookie on your first date may make the guy treat you slightly than seriously. Just don’t care. Treat these kinds of guy with an equally slightness because they are the sexual bigots they will be in the long years to come. If you will find out early, then you save time.

Do not miss out the fun in having euphoric sex.
Just like men, women like sex and enjoy getting laid as well. Grabbing the horny moments that take a grip on you can really be a good thrill that is so ecstatic.

Find out if there is harmony in body chemistry.

One needs to know if compatibility in bed is present before entering into a serious commitment. Getting hot for a guy does not imply a real turn-on

It is totally cool to have sex with someone for once.
Planning for the day with efficiency may mean fornicate on your first date. Ultimately, bedding too soon could be hurting for a woman who views sex differently from man. It may mean being one flesh in a connection of intimate level while it is simply a sexual connection for the guy. Decide if sex on the first date will work well for you. If it would, make him use condom. No woman would want STDs or accidental pregnancy.

How Your Diet Affects Energy Levels

The food you eat affects the level of energy you have. It is essential to have a balanced diet for your body to get the nutrients it requires. Also, for you to have energy all throughout the day, you have to spread your meals and eat snacks in between.

Energy Sources

Energy is obtained from fat, protein, and carbohydrates found in the food you eat. The Carbs has to make up approximately 50 to 60 percent of your diet, 10 to 30 percent from protein, and 20 to 30 percent from fat.

What Causes Fatigue?

Eating the wrong foods can lead to lack of energy and fatigue. Sugar-filled foods as well as processed foods increase your blood sugar levels abruptly. However, since these foods are broken down quickly, fatigue will set in right away. Foods that are refined, such as white bread or pasta have to be avoided. The consumption of foods and beverages that are high in sugar should be limited. Go with diet drinks and eat fruits and veggies for snacks.

How to Increase Energy

Eating foods that take more time to digest, such as high-fiber foods, helps in increasing energy. Whole-grain foods, whole fruits, and vegetables are good energy boosters. Magnesium-rich foods like oatmeal, yogurt, and almonds are also known to improve energy levels. Foods which are rich in iron like meat and beans help increase energy. Iron plays a major role in carrying oxygen all throughout the body. The lack of iron leads to anemia, which causes fatigue. Moreover, drink lots of water and stay hydrated. A person who is not well-hydrated may feel tired and lose focus.
It also helps to eat breakfast each day as this improves your body’s metabolism. You can easily feel tired if you skip meals or you overeat. Plan your meals and snacks carefully. Spreading them into 5 or 6 meals each day keeps you energized all day long. If you are a fan of caffeinated drinks, try to limit your consumption of these drinks into 1 or 2 glasses per day. This is enough to keep you alert while taking more can interrupt your sleeping pattern.

Herbs are also known to enhance your energy. Examples are gingko biloba and ginseng. A tea made from these herbs is a good choice. Foods that are natural or at least minimally processed are not just energy boosters, but are also good for your overall health.
If you want to have energy for an entire day, pay attention to the food that you eat. Know what to eat and know what to avoid. This may require you to modify your diet a bit and even stay away from the habit of eating junk foods and indulging in sugar-rich desserts. Then again, it is all worth the sacrifice. You will not only be energized, but you will also have a healthier body.

Buying a Property: Condo Living or House Making?

Buying a home is one of the hardest decisions an adult is ever going to make in his life. Imagine being stuck with a house you realize you didn’t even like and to make the matters worse, you used your hard earned money in buying it. Before considering many factors in getting a property like location, price, maintenance, and safety or privacy, you first have to answer which type of property you ought to purchase: Is it a small but functional city dwelling condominium unit? Or a spacey and cozy suburban single detached house and lot? The journey to the answer could be quite hard and frustrating especially if you want both but could only afford one. With this article at hand, you will be offered more no-brainer ideas that would help you make a decision. Are you ready? Read on:

Space & Up-keeping

Condo Living
Small – Considering a small legroom, you are assured that you don’t have much to clean. If you don’t have kids and is living alone or with only your husband then this is a better bet in terms of maintenance.
House & Lot

Big – Most properties come with a lawn that you can tend, a garage for your cars and a space that can be used for a pool or a play area for kids and the pets.


Condo Living and House & Lot


Condo Living
Not much for a small unit
House & Lot
The possibilities are endless
Resale Value
Condo Living
Good Appreciation Value since most condominium units are located strategically in the center of everything.
House & Lot
Good Appreciation Value only if the whole structure has been well maintained.


Condo Living
Not so good since you will be very close to your neighbors on the floor that you are in.
House & Lot
Very Good

The question of whether to purchase a condominium or a single detached unit is always up to the buyers. Determining what you really need and can afford are huge steps in arriving at a decision that would make a lot of sense. Consider your personal preferences, job, family (if there’s any), significant other, future plans and most of all what works best for your current situation. Buying a property may be one of the hardest decisions one adult has to make but to tell you the truth, it is also one of the most fulfilling ones because not only will it signal a big step in your independence as an individual but it will also cite your liberty financially and a step closer to attaining your goals and dreams. So what are you waiting for? Have you decided as to which property to get? Come on out and make not only a sales agent’s day bright but yours too!

3 Tips To nail An Interview

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t really that hard to prepare for a job interview You just need to practice all the things you’re going to say, making sure that you highlight your accomplishments whenever necessary, imagine all the possible questions that could be thrown at you, dress smart and look smart, and have an updated resume. So if that’s the case, why are you still worried? Perhaps there’s something else that you can do to prepare you for battle? Plenty, actually, but we’ve narrowed it down to three important tips to make it easier for you. So take a deep breath, know that everything’s going to be ok. Just make sure that you keep the following in mind and it won’t be long until you snag the job of your dreams.

Sell Yourself by Being Confident

When someone tells you that the only thing you need to ace an interview is by being confident and being yourself. And those are usually the only words to anyone to start rolling their eyes because—well, easier said than done right? But think about it. What catches the hiring manager’s attention? The way you carry yourself, the way you sell yourself. That firm handshake and that easy eye-to-eye contact. The way you tick off your strengths and achievements smoothly and without hesitation. No, it isn’t bragging at all. It’s putting your best foot forward. You’ve worked hard to learn your skills and knowledge, they belong to you. This kind of self-assuredness has worked with so many people before. There’s no reason why it won’t for you.

Make It a Two-Way Conversation

It’s great to have all the right answers to all the questions, but there is another way to make the interview a tad bit more interesting: By actually listening and having a few questions of your own. You can plan this out by doing a bit of research about the company. This kind of enthusiasm will make you appear like you’ll be a good team player (which you are!) should you get hired.

Gossiping Is a Big No-No

At some point, the interviewer will ask you why you decided to leave your previous job (if this isn’t your first time to look for a job, that is). If you’re thinking of dishing all the meaty stuff by badmouthing your boss or your colleagues, that isn’t really giving them a glimpse of how horrible your life was in your previous company—you’re showing them who you really are. No matter how engaging the interviewer is, know your limits. Stay focused and be professional with your answers.

Now that you know the basics of preparing for a job interview, you can now breathe easier. Remember that not all interviews are the same, but how you deal with it would determine its outcome.

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